Protection of Confidential Information

Personal information protection policy

The Softcreate Holdings Group as a whole protects personal information by setting forth the personal information protection policy shown below.

  • The Company complies with personal information protection laws and regulations and national guidelines and other rules with regard to personal information handled for all business and the personal information of executives and staff.
  • When acquiring personal information, the Company shall clarify in advance the use objective and whether it will be provided to someone else and, after obtaining the agreement of the person involved, shall use the said information within the use objective scope and take measures ensuring it is not used for any other purpose.
  • The Company shall not provide personal information to third parties unless it has gained the approval of the person involved or if it is in accordance with laws and regulations. In addition, when outsourcing the handling of part or all of personal information, the Company shall select a company that fully meets the protection criteria, and shall appropriately oversee that outsourced company as necessary.
  • The Company shall take rational safety measures and corrective measures to prevent the leak or loss of or damage to personal information.
  • The Company shall be responsive to complaints and requests for consultation and shall take the appropriate action regarding the handling of personal information and personal information protection standards.
  • The Company shall continuously review and improve personal information protection standards.

If the Softcreate Holdings Group personal information protection policy is revised, this shall be notified in this website.

Personal information use objectives

The Company shall use personal information within the required scope to achieve the following objectives with regard to business activities focusing on the information services sector. However, if the use objective is clearly stated for each service, the information shall be used within that use objective scope.

  • Selling products and providing services
  • Advertising, public relations, and sales promotion activities
  • Customer support such as after-sales services
  • Contacting business partners to request product and service estimates, and for purchasing and sales, etc.
  • Providing information to shareholders and investors as IT activities as well as shareholder liaison
  • Contacting and sending materials regarding personnel recruitment activities

Joint use of persona information

The Company may jointly use personal information between group companies within the use objectives. In such a case, the group companies jointly using the information shall adhere to the Softcreate Holdings Group personal information protection policy.

Disclosure of personal information to subcontractors

The Company may consign part of its operations (printing, enclosing and sealing, packaging, distribution, sending e-mails and faxes, data input, data cleaning, call center, marketing, sales support, education, collection of bills, building and administering websites, etc.) relating to the provision of product and service information and articles, and deposit in escrow the personal information of customers within the minimum required range to the consignee. In such a case, a consignee that fulfills the personal information protection criteria determined by the Company shall be selected and the Company shall provide the required and appropriate supervisions by, for example, entering into a contract relating to the handling of personal information.

Providing personal information to third parties

The Company may not provide acquired personal information to a third party except in the following cases

  • When the person involved has approved
  • When it is in accordance with laws and regulations
  • When it is necessary to protect the life, physical condition or property of another person and gaining the agreement of the person involved is difficult
  • When it is necessary for the improvement of public health or to promote the sound education of children and gaining the agreement of the person involved is difficult
  • When it is necessary to cooperate with a national institution or local authority or a party consigned by them to execute duties laid out in laws and regulations, and there is a fear that gaining the approval of the person involved may obstruct the execution of the said duties
  • When it is public information related to the executives and shareholders of a corporation and other organization, and provision to a third party has already been notified to the person involved or it has already been made public
  • When all or part of personal information handling is outsourced within the range required to achieve the specified use objective
  • When providing personal information as a result of succession of business in a merger or otherwise and when handling the said personal information within the use objective scope prior to the succession
  • When jointly using personal information in accordance with legal procedures with certain other parties

Disclosing, revising, terminating use of or deleting personal information

Please contact the below contact address about procedures related to requests from the person involved or a representative to disclose, delete, revise, terminate use of personal information targeted for disclosure. If necessary, we will send the prescribed request form by fax or post, so after completing the required items, enclose documents confirming your personal identity (a copy of either a driving license, passport, health insurance ID card, or basic resident register card with photo) and a self-addressed envelope (write the address of the requesting party’s address and attach a stamp for the basic charge and the registered mail charge), and then post it to the following address. If the request is made by a representative, please enclose a letter of attorney confirming the identity of the representative. As soon as the Company receives all the request-related documents (including the self-addressed envelope and stamps), it shall confirm the identity of the requesting party and deal with the matter without delay.

Softcreate Holdings Corporation
Information System Department

Contact office for Personal Information-related Consultation, Complaint and Disclosure Requests
Shibuya Cross Tower, Shibuya 2-15-1, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0002
TEL: 03-3486-0606
(Reception times: 10.00 a.m. to noon, 1.00 p.m. to 5.00 p.m., excluding weekends, national holidays, and company holidays)

  • The Company bears no responsibility for personal information handling standards and content of other companies’ websites linked to from the Company’s website.
  • Please note that the Company may, without giving prior notice, change personal information protection policy in order to provide even greater personal information protection or in accordance with the establishment or amendment of laws and regulations.