May, 1983 Opened “Softcreate” personal computer shop in Shibuya
April, 1985 Launched SI service for clients
December, 1985 Changed company name to “Softcreate Corporation”
September, 1986 Established external sales division
April, 1993 Launched network construction and maintenance services
January, 1997 Launched Internet sales business
October, 1998 Closed Shibuya personal computer shop
January, 1999 Established “Tokka.Com”, an e-commerce site
October, 1999 Launched sales of “ec shop” (currently named, “ecbeing”) electric commerce site construction package
March, 2000 Established a data center to start hosting services
January, 2001 Changed product name from “ec shop” to “ecbeing” and launched sales through distributors
March, 2001 Launched sales of “PROVIDE”, the corporate in-house portal site
September, 2002 Established “SC Corp.”, a 100% subsidiary company
April, 2003 Start sales of “X-point”, the web form workflow
June, 2003 Relocated head office to Shibuya Higashi-guchi Building in 2-chome of Shibuya in Shibuya City
October, 2003 Merged with SC Corp
March, 2004 Capital tie-up with Obic Business Consultants through third-party allocation of shares
April, 2005 Listed on Nippon New Market ''Hercules'' of Osaka Securities Exchange
September, 2005 Business tie-up with “Woodland Corporation” (currently named, “Future Architect, Inc.”) and acquired an equity share in Fit Corporation of the Woodland Group
September, 2005 Acquired Information Security Management System (ISMS) certification
November, 2005 Launched sales of “L2Blocker”, a system that detects and excludes illegally connected PCs
November, 2005 Launched sales of “X-WebForm”, a web-form SDK
January, 2006 Established Advanced Core Technology Corporation as a joint venture with Aucnet Inc.
April, 2007 Established Atled Corp.
January, 2008 Opened a Kansai branch office
January, 2008 Launched sales of “AgileWorks”, a workflow aimed at major corporations
April, 2008 Launched sales of “Assetment”, an office property management solution
December, 2008 Listed on second section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange Market
April, 2009 Transferred “Tokka.Com” internet e-commerce business
December, 2010 Information security solutions-related business tie-up with LAC Co., Ltd.
March, 2011 Designated to list on First Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange Market
December, 2011 Acronet Co., Ltd. is made an (currently named, AcroHoldings Co., Ltd.) equity method affiliated company
June, 2012 Launched sales of “cmsbeing”, the website building service
September, 2012 Launched sales of “SCCloud”, the cloud solution service
October, 2012 Changed company name to Softcreate Holdings Corp. due to transfer to holdings system, and SI business is succeeded by Softcreate Corp. and EC business by Ecbeing Corp. due to incorporation-type company split
October, 2012 Head office is relocated to “Shibuya Cross Tower” in Shibuya ni-chome of Shibuya City
May, 2013 Capital tie-up with Nihon Unisys, Ltd. due to third-party allocation of shares, and EC business-related business tie-up with Ecbeing Corp.
November, 2016 Atled Corp. listed on TSE Mothers market
April, 2017 Launched sales of “SiteMiraiZ”, a cloud-style CMS
September, 2017 Started providing “visumo”, an Instagram linking tool
November, 2017 Softcreate Corp has capital and business tie-up with Y2S Corporation
April, 2018 AtoJ, Inc. is made a subsidiary company
June, 2018 Started providing “Mercart”, a cloud-type EC platform
December, 2018 Softcreate Corp. has capital and business tie-up with Exgen Networks
February, 2019 Started providing “Sechstant”, a DMP service
June, 2019 President and Representative Director, Muneharu Hayashi, becomes president of the Japanese Computer System Seller Association (JCSSA)
August, 2019 “OMO App +”, a smartphone app-building option is released
April, 2020 Started providing “ReviCo”, a review optimization tool
May, 2020 “Web Sales Office”, a new business management solution is released
November, 2022 Revico Corp. , providing a review marketing platform service is established by ecbeing corp.