Group Business Overview

System integration business

We are showcasing our strengths in the IT sector and information system business as a system integrator that is developing IT system and cloud integration business, and also as an IT outsourcing service provider.
Our strengths lie in cooperating with customers on their IT issues, and providing one-stop support from consulting to design, construction, operation, maintenance, and technical support.
We have also developed business as a manufacturer of the “L2Blocker” security product.

EC solutions business

Installed by over 1,300 companies, “ecbeing” supports customers’ EC strategies with its diverse functions.
We provide a one-stop service ranging from EC site construction to EC business consulting, EC site design, EC promotion and marketing, and EC infrastructure service. We have also expanded our micro services that exploit our EC strengths such as “Sechstant”, an EC and omnichannel marketing analysis platform; and “ReviCo”, a review optimization tool.

Workflow Business

We have digitized a variety of work flow procedures such as application to approval, greatly relieving companies’ workloads.
The “X-point Cloud” workflow system for small and medium scale firms and “Agile Works” for large-scale firms have been installed by over 3,000 companies to date, helping to solve all workflow-related issues irrespective of industry type and company size.

Content Marketing Business

We provide a one-stop service ranging from owned media and corporate site production to contents planning, production, analysis and operation.
We construct owned media by “SiteMiraiZ”, which has strong SEO and tight security, and help customers achieve their targets through analysis by highly-experienced SEO consultants.
We also construct and operate EC sites with “mercart”, the cloud EC platform that utilizes ecbeing know-how.

Visual Marketing Business

We provide "visumo", which is a visual marketing tool that works with social media for branding and strengthening product appeal.
It helps customers improve their service online by centrally managing and utilizing visual data such as photos and movies, and working with various solutions including EC site, owned media, smartphone application, and digital signage in the store.

Composition of Softcreate Holdings Group